3 Tips to crack FMGE in First Attempt

  1. Syllabus – Cover all the 19 subjects and learn the subjects from a clinical aspect.
  2. Notes – Taking notes is very important, it saves your enormous time during the last minute preparation.
  3. Exams – Evaluate yourself by taking tests (subject-wise tests, mini grand test, mini grand test, mock test, etc) in order to improve your study approach.

Gone are the days where the MCI screening test was predominantly one-liners. In the recent past, the MCI screening test pattern has changed a lot and many students claim that FMGE is the new NEET PG. The level of difficulty in FMGE exams is increasing yearly. With this change, there is a need for students to adopt an integrated study approach in order to be on par and excel in their FMGE preparation. We at Arise Medical Academy, since our inception are committed to assisting the medical professionals and MBBS students in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the medical education for various exams like FMGE (MCI) screening exam, USMLE and MBBS undergraduate exam. In this article, we list out the 3 important factors which are crucial for your FMGE preparation and if followed in a timely manner can help you clear FMGE in the first attempt.

1. Syllabus

Cover all the 19 subjects: Subjective Knowledge & Clinical Aspect)

One of the common mistakes which students often make is covering few subjects which they think are important, it’s essential for an FMGE aspirant to not be selective about the syllabus and cover all the 19 subjects since the changing exam pattern demands a comprehensive understanding of all the medical concepts. In such a case, you cant afford risk losing even one mark. The best way to complete the syllabus is by learning medical concepts in a conceptual way. Where a deeper understanding of the subject will make you more oriented towards the clinical aspect of subjects.

Reading a subject from an integrated perspective helps you remember the concept and simultaneously covers other subjects of the same topic. Have a look at the below pic, if the cardiovascular system is read from an integrated perspective covering the anatomy of CVS, patho, physio, pharma, and internal medicine. It’ll help you to connect all the adjoining subjects simultaneously.

2. Notes

With the changing time and trend, where tons of information is accessible at fingertips. Students easily get confused and refer more than one study source (class notes, seniors notes, review books) for a particular topic. At this point, you shouldn’t be worried about someone’s feedback about a subject or book and stay focused on your course. It’s essential for an FMGE aspirant to make sure he/she maintains notes, taking notes is very precious it saves your enormous time during the last minute preparation. Right from the start of preparation make it a habit of taking notes both subject wise and chapter wise. Handwritten notes are mostly preferred and during revision handwritten notes can be used as a reference guide.

3. Exams

The crucial element in one’s preparation is the EXAMS, being accurate and analytical gives you a slight edge in the exams. Evaluate yourself by taking tests (subject wise test, mini grand test, mock tests, etc) in order to improve your study approach. It’s necessary for you to take tests accordingly so to be on the track and acknowledge your strengths and weakness. Exams help you get oriented towards the end exam ( exact pattern of FMGE). During revision go through previous exam papers and try to answer them for an inclusive understanding of a subject.

  • Subject Wise Test
  • Mini Grand Test
  • Grand Test
  • Mock Test

Make efficient use of technology to evaluate your performance, as per a survey 81% of students say digital tools have helped improve their grades. Improve your performance by taking tests on different topics and MCQ’s. Get real-time feedback and work on it so to be on the course.

Here is a testimonial from our students who cleared their FMGE in the first attempt :

Dr. B Vyshnavi Cleared FMGE in First Attempt
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