1. Stay focused:  Ever since you joined MBBS course abroad, you knew about it and was eagerly waiting for this day. You have been preparing for long time for this exam. Finally the exam is around the corner. You have less than two months in your hands now.  Its time to put all your focus onto one thing: Clearing FMG Exam with confidence.  One mistake and whole cycle of preparation will start for another six months.
  • Stay in good health:

To give the final blow you need to be in good health: Physical and Mental. Last minute sickness may ruin all your dreams and push your goal away by atleast six months. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink lot of water. Keep your surroundings neat and clean. Stay away from mosquitoes. Remember, when you were a child, during exams, your mother used to give you dinner on time, milk, coffee everything on time. She knew the importance of staying healthy during exams. You can’t afford to get sick just before the exam.  And most important, take full sleep as fatigue might affect your decision making skills.

  • Learn less revise more:

When you start your preparation, the ratio should be 80% learning and 20% revision. Near the exam, It should be 20% learning and 80% revision.  Aim is to clear FMG exam and not become specialist in all the subjects. But the key point is you should know what to learn and what to avoid. In that mentor’s and senior’s advice can surely be trusted upon. Practicing previious years papers can also help you understanding the pattern.

Don’t just cram anything and everything. Go for Basics.

  • Practice FMGE Mock tests

Strength of your practice decides the score you are going to get.  We have met many students who say that they were not able to complete the paper in time and left around 20-40 MCQs unattempted. On deeper analysis, we found that they keep on learning and revising the syllabus but ignore practicing FMGE Mock tests. Real time exam stress is entirely different from your revision sessions. Use FMGE Mock tests as dress rehearsal of real exam. Spend same amount of time on Mock test without break friends, phone and books.

 You can’t afford to leave questions unattempted in the exam.

  1. Fine tune your Biological Clock:

Our biological clock gets tuned the way we want to tune it.   It’s a common trend amongst medical students to study in the night and sleep in the day. FMGE / MCI Screening exam is conducted in two sessions – Morning 10AM to 1 PM and he 3 PM to 6 PM. You need to be in best of your energy during this period. It is recommended, especially in the last one month, to study during this period and sleep in night. An ideal time table should be like:

  • Wake-up at 8 AM.
  • Morning chores and breakfast till 9:30AM
  • Settling at your study station by 10AM and start studying. 
  • No break till 1:30 PM (No phones / No Whatsapp / Facebook / no tea / loo break)
  • Take Lunch break from 1:30PM to 2:30 PM
  • Settle down at your study station and start studying at 3PM
  • No break till 6 PM (No phones / Whatsapp / Facebook / Tea / loo break)
  • Take a tea brake from 6 PM to 6:30 PM
  • Continuous study from 6:30 PM to 9 PM
  • Dinner break from 9 PM to 10 PM
  • Again study from 10 PM to 3AM with 1 break  inbetween
  • Sleep at 3 AM

Time Distribution in a typical day:

  • Study Hrs: 14 hrs
  • Sleep hrs: 5 hrs
  • Leisure hrs(Breakfast / lunch / Dinner / Facebook / Whatsapp): 5 hrs
  • Stay calm and disconnect yourself.

You will be going through extreme pressure in last days. Any news (Good or bad) from outside world can shake you easily. Switch off your phone alteast for last seven days. Only person in contact with you should be your study buddy. Facebook, whatapp are good sources of study but not in the last minute. You don’t need them in the last seven days.

“Your focus and will power can do wonders. Stay blessed. Stay calm. You are an inch away your goal. “